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Grupo Omnitel has been offering Marketing and Business Development services for the technological industry for more than 25 years.

A business philosophy and a technical profile team that supports our clients in the field of Hardware, Software, Services and Telecommunications. Comprehensive and customized solutions for manufacturers, distributors and IT integrators.

What we offer you

In house services 360º

We provide agility and coordination in planning and execution. Nominated a single interlocutor / project manager coordinating all the services requested by the client

IT Specialist Team

More than 180 employees, with a high technical profile, focused on sales and marketing for IT.

Iberia Coverage

We want to be close to you. We have physical offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon

Channel Specialists

We bring our experience and a deep understanding of the complexity of the IT Channel ecosystem.

Our Services

Services for the IT Channel

Omnitel covers the entire end-to-end process from identifying and recruiting to training and executing marketing actions with Partners.


With in-house execution and a 360º offer, we support the IT companies in their activity with media, content marketing, offline marketing, spectacular marketing…


More than 25 years of experience working with reference clients in the selection of marketing profiles, technical resources and IT sales. We manage more than 100 annual services where people are the most important.


We design and manage your custom event and walk with you throughout the process so that it becomes a key tool in generating demand or strengthening the relationship with your customers.

Retail Specialists

At Omnitel we are specialists in the integral management for B2C sales force services for technological companies being an extension of our clients. We train, coordinate and report the brand activity in the distribution at Retail.

Lead Generation

We develop Outbound and Inbound strategies based on value content, actions through Social Media and E-Mail Marketing itself to increase our customers’ Pipeline in networking solutions, virtualization, enterprise software, etc.

Our Clients

Our Customers Speak

“In my opinion, what sets Omnitel apart is that for me they are not an agency, they are an extension of my marketing department. They are the arms, the eyes and the time that I don’t have, and those that help me to that everything flows normally. Their expertise on the technology sector, and within it, the knowledge about the distribution channel, make Omnitel a very valuable co-worker in my day-to-day life. ”

Elena Malillos | Partner Marketing Manager, HP

“Omnitel is a highly professional company whose people are highly skilled in their tasks. They are always very involved, daily, in the needs of the distribution channel, carrying an understanding of the strategies and products that hardly any other company could achieve. Whenever we need any marketing action in my company, we always ask Omnitel to take care of it.”

Carlos Fernández de Tejada | Responsable de Consumibles y Piezas de Repuesto, ICT Informática, Cálculo y Técnica S.A.

“Our experience with Omnitel is excellent. As a marketing agency specialized in the IT industry, they know our needs perfectly. Its experience, its team of professional experts, as well as its network of quality partners and suppliers always offer a quality service, making each project a success.”

Alejandro Quero | Kaspersky

“Working with Omnitel has enabled us to achieve the best results thanks to its technological approach and extensive knowledge and experience with IT channel. I also highlight its broad portfolio of services and its flexibility to adapt to unforeseen developments.”

Paula Marchena | Partner Marketing Manager South, Oracle

“After working with Omnitel, the truth is that it's impossible to think how we have done so far. Their enormous and effective proactivity makes them even anticipate our needs. Speed, resolution and above all knowledge of the sector are other words that define the character of this company. We are simply delighted with Omnitel.”

José Ramón Travé | Director Comercial de Telco & Financeiro, Unisys

“Thanks to Omnitel’ 360º services, we have been able to gain efficiency without losing effectiveness in each of the projects that help us move forward every day. Their knowledge and experience in the market have enabled us to improve our results, not only because of their professional quality, but also thanks to the humanity of all the people with whom we have worked so far and who have made very fluid collaboration between both parts.”

Alicia Fernández Oteo | Marketing Responsible & Business Analyst, Philips TV

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