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Our History

Omnitel was founded at the end of 1994 by two Telecommunication Engineers who, after passing through HP, decided that it was time to apply their own formula to one of the most important distribution channels in the IT world.

During all these years, the “Omnitel Formula” has been characterized by being a company capable of offering services of high added value both to the distribution channel and to technology companies. All this thanks to our human team, composed of technical profiles and experts in the business development of this industry.

Today, Omnitel has become a company with a solid structure, adapted to the changing needs of the industry, offering its portfolio of services and solutions to manufacturers, integrators, wholesalers, ISVs, retailers, operators

Nowadays, Omnitel counts with an experienced team, able to undertake projects with a strong technological component. A team of creativesprogrammersmarketers specializing in global marketing, communication and digital strategies, event organizers, promotion managers, training team and consulting… all of them in-house.

A success story that has been written progressively, with a sustained growth and client oriented high quality service.

More than a Company

The company that was born 20 years ago under the brand Omnitel Comunicaciones long ago left its “last name” to become Omnitel Group, consisting of

Marketing and business development for the IT sector.
Company with more than 20 years of experience providing complete and specialized services, B2B and B2C, to the main brands in the technology industry.

Independent firm of analysis and consultancy that devotes its activity to the information and advice of technological companies in their relationship with the Public Administration in Spain

We are experts about marketing before having “tools” for everything
Now we use that knowledge to support companies growing in the digital context.
We use the latest techniques of Digital Marketing, Software in the Cloud and Neuroscience.

Advanced printing solutions wholesaler. A business model based on consulting services, advanced printing solutions and document management

Our Team

Jorge Matilla

Financial Manager

Luis Santamaría

Sales Manager

Guillermo García

Creative Manager

Laura Rojas

Barcelona Manager

Susana Nunes

Lisbon Manager

María Sánchez

Head of HR and Outsourcing

David López

Marketing Manager

Lorenzo Marín

Retail Manager

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C/ Colquide 6. Portal 2, 1ºA

Edificio Prisma

28231 Las Rozas de Madrid

902 194 230

+34 917 875 565


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