IT Channel Services

IT Channel Services

Specialized services for the IT Channel

Omnitel was established more than 25 years ago to independently offer development projects and support IT distribution channel. We have a clear value and message, to be a specialist in services for technology companies with great knowledge of the channel.

With our experience, we bring a deep understanding of the complexity of the IT Channel ecosystem, supporting both large companies and commercial subsidiaries that need specialized external support to carry out the day-to-day operations with their partners.

 We are experiencing a time when the IT sector develops very rapidly and is increasingly complex and this brings to the table new challenges and opportunities.

 The specialized services we offer to the IT channel are:

  •  IT Channel strategy and Development
  • Definition of value chain for distribution
  • GAP Analysis
  • Partner ID
  • Recruitment

 If your company is involved in a process of manufacturing or marketing any kind of hardware and devices, Omnitel can help you with the comprehensive management of demonstration equipment (logistics, online stock control, configuration, maintenance and upgrade etc.).

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