IT Training and Consulting

In many cases, our customers need to be loyal to the value chain by involving them in the business, taking advantage of all the synergies generated by the sales force knowing our products perfectly. Other times, we need to implement the business philosophy or business knowledge in the Channel, seeking the success of our collaborators’ sales.

IT Training and Consulting

Omnitel has for many years formed different market players on the need to retain stakeholders and engage them in the business.

 We offer:

 Excelent and suitable training for your channel: with 360º training that includes activities such as:

  • Consulting
  • Advisory
  • Generation of documentation
  • Offline or online information sessions
  • Product Presentations
  • Loyalty and involvement of stakeholders in the business: offering attractive training to both partners and sales force, through events
  • Customer comfort: offering various training alternatives (face-to-face, point-of-sale promotion, webcast…)
  • Implementation in “know-how” of each client: through customized plans listening to their needs and objectives


Our professionals’ experience combined with the best know-how makes your training actions turn knowledge into sales, qualifying your sales force and focusing on achieving your goals.

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