Marketing Services

Marketing Services

At Omnitel we are specialists in global marketing and digital strategies: our team is specialized in the definition and execution of complete strategies, which allows us to offer a 360º service.

Thanks to our experience of more than 25 years in the IT sector, we offer our clients complete and specialized marketing services, B2B and B2C working for both large multinationals and SMEs, providing them with a complete portfolio of services that include from consulting to execution or training.

The marketing services offered by Omnitel in the IT sector are:

Digital Strategy

In a digital context, our customers increasingly demand B2B and B2C strategies featuring the most popular technology platforms to reach their target customers.

Communication Strategy

Following our philosophy of covering every aspect of our customer needs, Omnitel has a highly qualified team in communication that has been working for the IT sector for many years.

Spectacular Marketing Actions

We strengthen the contact of the brand with the appropriate target by choosing the most strategic places and approaches to the objective of generating closeness and urge in the final consumer.

Specialists in offline and promotional marketing

Thanks to our team of designers, creatives and offline marketing experts we will help you optimize your investment, attract new customers and increase the profits of your company.

Modern Marketing

At Omnitel we believe that Modern Marketing is to use new channels and tools integrated with the traditional marketing strategy. That’s why our Demand Generation solution is an integrated service that goes one step beyond the traditional one.

Promotional Management

We manage your cashback and renewal actions end-to-end from the definition of the action to the production of on/offline communication, taking care of both the design and production of the materials and the comprehensive management of the campaign.

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