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We are specialists in global Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies. In this new context, the key is the definition and execution of integrated actions, that is why we offer our customers an omnichannel service and a joint vision with the latest technologies.


Omnitel Formula combines the best techniques to achieve your business goals.

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Digital Omnichannel Lead Generation Strategies

These actions are designed to achieve a great impact on the selected target (awareness) and can help lead generation if on the landing to which the clicks are directed, we place a valuable content (lead magnet) for this purpose.

Programmatic Advertising Campaign: Campaign in Native, Display and Email formats to obtain qualified traffic.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Email campaigns to a segmented Database for generating opportunities with programmatic and remarketing.

Google SEM Campaign: Google Adds Campaign in content and display format.

Social Media Campaign: Actions on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter using its different formats and segmentation to ensure ROI.

Social Selling

LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals in the world and, therefore, the best place to contact customers, there has never been anything like it in history.

 Lead generation campaigns using valuable materials and content from the customer. Ads targeted and 100% focused on the Buyer persona of each of our customers.


We use this action to increase the awareness of the message we want to give and get as many participants as possible.

Script: Writing the webinar content with the editorial team and Omnitel.

Recording: In the media facilities or online

Production: Video editing, subtitles, and infographics

Preparation of the landing page: To register leads

Dissemination: We carry out content marketing, mailing, display and social networks.

Digital Audio Advertisement

It consists of specialized digital audio advertising, which allows customers to advertise themselves more efficiently, impacting their target in a more accurate way, both directly and programmatically.

Detail of this product: Digital audio with a duration between 20 to 30 seconds + banner (300 × 250 y 728 × 90).

Formats: PRE-ROLL (at the beginning of the playback), MID-ROLL (in the middle of the playback) and POST-ROLL (at the end of the playback, only for PODCAST).

Segmentation: Demographic / Geographic, through podcasts (technology, economy, company …), by broadcaster, by content …

Supports: Spotify, Podcast and Digital Broadcasters.


Programmatic advertising campaigns are designed to generate a high volume of qualified traffic.

Programmatic advertising is a type of online advertising – which emerged with new technologies, media, and digital platforms – in which the advertiser buys audiences and not spaces, as in traditional advertising; it is a type of advertising that is based on Big Data (storing large amounts of data).

In programmatic, the ads appear only to our target audience, while in “traditional” advertising we impact all visits whether they are from your target audience or not, paying for all these impacts.


Ghost Management Services

Professional management of IT Industry Managers profiles. A service that aims to:

Update and improve the Managers profile on LinkedIn.

Professionalize, through an external service, the presence on LinkedIn of Management people linked of a technological company.

Increase personal awareness on LinkedIn.

Increase company awareness on LinkedIn.

Increase management profile networking in companies and target business profiles for our clients.

Specialized PR and Communication Services

We help our clients to increase their presence in the media and among their target audience through personalized communication strategies.

Interviews, Press Releases, Press Conferences, Articles, Specialized translations for ICT companies, etc.


Omnitel puts at the service of its customers a dedicated resource with an IT profile already formed, which will receive additional training from the customer, to assimilate the message of value to communicate to the possible interested party.

The CLIENT and Omnitel will have an initial meeting to define clearly and precisely the main information to be collected, both quantitative and qualitative, and will prepare a Call Script (under the CLIENT’s supervision), which once validated will be used by the Omnitel resource.

Content Marketing and Marketing Automation Services

Implementation and maintenance of the Marketing Automation service.

It is about generating automated processes that allow us to scale our Marketing operations. So, we can, for example:

Generate automatic responses to new records.

Classify users according to behavior and send ad-hoc content when they meet certain criteria.

Inform of new content created.

Send content to someone who has downloaded other content, etc.


Account Based Selling Services

Increased sales funnel focusing on strategic accounts.

A process of approaching potential digital and telephone customers.

It requires the advanced use of LinkedIn to filter companies and profiles.

It requires the creation of valuable content for new contacts impacted on the digital channel. Creating ppts, tracking strategic accounts, closing virtual meetings, etc.

It requires perseverance and a dedicated resource for a certain period.

Design and Creativity

Get more effective campaigns, valuable concepts, awareness, and positioning. Your goals achieved with the finest execution.

Creativity to power. We help with the briefing to absorb all the information and we shape the concepts creating messages that “kill several birds with one stone”. Or we impact precisely on that unique aspect that defines it.

Re-stylize your brand

We adapt webs

Corporate animations

Drawing, graphics …

Professional Spots

Campaigns with specialized and generalist Media

We determine the goals with our client, define the target audience for each campaign and select the best media. We balance investment and adjust content and messages for each channel.

Omnitel formula combines the best techniques to achieve your business goals.

According to the objective, we suggest the safest and most successful actions that culminate in the generation of opportunities for the client.

We cover the entire process: from acquisition to qualification, managing all the filtering work and getting prospects ready for the sales department.

This collaboration proposal combines: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, Social Media, Telemarketing, Actions with specialized media, etc…

All our services are also available at Spain and Portugal

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