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At Omnitel we have specialists in the selection of marketing profiles, technical resources and IT sales. We have more than 25 years of experience in this sector, managing more than 100 services per year.

We carry out rigorous selection processes to ensure the best candidate for every position. Our goal is always to add value to the service with the selection of the best professionals. We are specialists in valuable outsourcing.

We foster loyalty among our employees through a personalized treatment, which has direct impact on the quality and continuity of the services.

We cover every step of the process: from the initial consultancy to define scope and needs to the selection process, the start-up and integration and a punctual follow-up with assessment and return on investment (ROI) reports.

In this way, we both accelerate your selection process and carry out an exhaustive follow-up by producing periodic reports and suggesting improvements and adjustments as well.

Our activities comprise the complete cycle of the service:

  • Service briefing and resource/s skills
  • Custom selection process
  • Proactive service tracking
  • Retention of talent and knowledge

Each service is unique for us, and even more regarding people, so each selection process is treated in a specific way. We offer Iberia coverage, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. With our professionals you will have the peace of having your business in the best hands.

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