Outsourcing of value

Transform your fixed costs into variables.

For more than 25 years, we have managed Marketing and Sales profiles for companies in the technological sector, providing all kinds of services that help our customers achieve their goals.

Our resources allow you to focus on what really matters and will fill the hours / resources you need.


Complement your team with ours. Omnitel will be your Partner who will help you achieve your goals.

Configure your proposal in 3 steps


Omnitel can help you with resources at national level and in Spain and Portugal. Share your sales goals with us and we will increase the capillarity of the inputs.

Marketing Support

Marketing specialists who will help you to implement your annual plans, having as your only point of contact your trust agency, budget control, team management in stands / demos, support in events, adaptation of materials to the local market, translations, etc.

Business Intelligence

We are experts in business analysis, we work with advanced tools such as Power BI, data analysis, increased process efficiency, KPIs, metrics, reporting, detection of areas for improvement,…

Technical Writer

Specialists in writing that involves simplifying technical instructions, creating support documents, consolidating manuals and various technical sheets.

IT Trainers

Creation and dissemination of sales tools for your distribution channel (B2B or B2C), support in the certification of sales of technological products, monitoring of training programs for your sales channel, etc.

Management of incentive programs

Our experts in the development of incentive programs will assist you in managing alliance funds. Use all the potential that your partners or suppliers offer you to increase your sales.


Service briefing and resource skills


Custom selection process


Proactive service follow-up

Retention of talent and knowledge

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