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At Omnitel we are specialists in the development of B2C services for the retail channel. Because a well-managed sales force facilitates not only an increase in sales, but also an improvement in the relationship with your customers, improving loyalty, and strengthening your position against the competition.

We offer you a specialized service, flexible and tailored to your needs. Synergies with other departments of our company allow to simplify management, offering complementary solutions such as marketing actions, events, training…

If these are some of your needs, Omnitel offers you the solutions:

  • How and where do I implement my products in the retail channel?
  • How do I increase my sales on my retail channel?
  • How can I have more presence on the channel?
  • How do I build my channel?
  • How do I control the channel customer experience?
  • How do I boost it?

We have been developing B2C channel strategies for our clients for more than 20 years, always offering the best services such as:


  • B2C Consultancy
  • Point of Sale audit
  • Training for Retailers / Partners: We support our client for Retailer and Partner training
  • Custom Reporting Systems
  • Extended Sales Force IT Specialist Teams (GPV): We are sales force specialists
  • Specialist IT Promoter Campaigns
  • PLV design, manufacture and implementation
  • Point of Sale dynamization

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