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Our work philosophy in the Retail world is to help our customers improve the positioning of their brand at the point of sale, thanks to a 360º strategy that goes from managing the sales force routes to provide the best possible coverage, the creation of campaigns and production of POS to gain visibility and dynamism in-store with promoters’ campaigns or special actions inside and outside the retailer.

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Sales force (GPV)

We are specialists in hiring and managing GPVs that help our customers increase their sales and manage their product at the point of sale immediately, thanks to our real-time reporting tools.

We know the main Retailers in Spain and Portugal in different product lines so that we can decide which is the correct route or where and when to carry out special actions to encourage sales of a product.

Creation of customized planograms based on the store and the product to be displayed.

Key objectives of our sales force.

Gain visibility.

Negotiation according to the available spaces.

Registration in all access systems of retailers in Spain and Portugal (UCAGECI, etc …)

Prevent stockouts.

Improve our customers’ share of shelf.

Implementation of PLVs to activate and highlight the product.


On many occasions, whether you have a promoter at the point of sale determines that the consumer chooses one or another product.

Thanks to our experience we have an extensive database of profiles of specialists in different sectors, trained in sales techniques and perfect knowledgeable of the different retailers in Spain and Portugal.

We are approved in all retailers so that we can access any store immediately, accelerating the time to implement our customers’ campaign.

The use of collaborative tools and online reports accelerates data management deadlines, having access to information in real time.

We manage incentive and career plans with our promoters to motivate the success of campaigns.

Mystery Shopper / Auditing

Being able to know before the competition what happens at the point of sale is key to making successful decisions.

For this reason, we have teams of people trained in product analysis at the point of sale throughout the peninsula.

Ability to put strategic visits campaigns into action in a short time.

Real-time information for our customers, with customized reports, product photos and own or competing POS material.

Real-time reporting online

We have a set of online tools that we make available to our customers so that they can generate customized reports.

With these tools the customer guarantees:

Real-time data collection and visualization.

Photo galleries.

Geolocation of promoters and GPVs.

Immediate and personalized stock alerts.

Route management and assignment.

Analysis of KPIs.

Store databases.

Retail Field Marketing

We create and design tailored campaigns for our customers for each point of sale and for each special date of the year.

Dynamization with PLV material, special experience areas with integral management from start to finish.

We have our own design team capable of creating an exclusive product and adapted to the needs of each client.

We produce POS materials, stands, ad-hoc furniture and even Shop in Shop for large shopping centers.

We are responsible for implementing PLV across the peninsula and islands.

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